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September 11, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – 5

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1) Delusional and Very very busy. I wish I can start everyday after reading this.

“I once knew a woman who interned at a magazine where she wasn’t allowed to take lunch hours out, lest she be urgently needed for some reason. This was an entertainment magazine whose raison d’être was obviated when “menu” buttons appeared on remotes, so it’s hard to see this pretense of indispensability as anything other than a form of institutional self-delusion.”

2) And this image to go with it.

3) Good old travelling salesmen problem, with real twists.

“the focal point of a larger debate on the nature of complexity and possible limits to human knowledge.”

4) Beautiful read on how to save in a balanced manner in life. My father is still afraid of spending a lot of money, while I do not really keep track of how much I spend.

5) How to stay clean in the face of rampant corruption? Something for every Indian who wants to live clean in a chaotic society.

“A number of riders, including some of the most promising talent the U.S. had to offer, chose not to dope when they very easily could have. They didn’t all make it to the very top of the international peloton. In fact, none of them did. But they did have their successes, and they rode clean—an antidote to the no-choice narrative.”


September 7, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – 4

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1) Love, Knowledge and Empathy. That’s not too bad a way to live. I envy you sir!

2) Healthy eating in stealth mode! Someone should come with an appropriate map of food in fridge based on this idea. “What if the company kept the chocolates hidden in opaque containers but prominently displayed dried figs, pistachios and other healthful snacks in glass jars?”

3) How to be a morning person ? Go camping.  Or you could travel to the other side of the world and come back with a jetlag!

4) Quote of the day :

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

5) Biomathics: It is always exciting when economists conduct experiments to understand stuff we are perplexed on a day to day basis. What sort of person are you ? Who gobbles up more knowing the bill will be split ? Or does it not affect your orders at all ?

September 6, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – 3

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1) App discovery of the day: Field Trip, which gives the history of exciting places around your location.  And it makes perfect sense for google glass.

2) Netflix clone. Except this is for books. One should alternate one month on netflix and a month on this.

3) Mahishasura Mardini is perfect material for rock. Wonder what the grannies would say if they listen to this version.

4) Next time I gift a kiddo, this would be it. There should be a kit for every device that excites kids.

5) Jared Diamond’s next book is out and below is one of the harsher reviews.

September 5, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – 2

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1) Gazal of the day. Awesome way to live one’s life – Relaxed and Charming.

2) Pavitra: A gem of a short story. I hope to translate these in English.

3) What’s up with the war in Sri Lanka ? Wasn’t it just terrorism ? Many of us tamilians know nothing about the problems in a country that is ethnically closer to us, than say Mumbai. This is a pretty balanced piece on it and admonishes the film makers for an irresponsible take on a sensitive issue.

4) Business Idea of the day: I always had this idea in my mind. How difficult would it be to make farmlands out of all rooftops in a city like Chennai?


September 4, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – Edition 1

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I know that blogging is dead and all that.

All readings are not useless/wrong. But reading all there is, is definitely wrong. I start this as a process to study how wasteful my time is spent going thro’ links on twitter/feedly and see if I can refine the process! Also, instead of just consuming everything like fiber and letting it go, this should help in thinking about the important stuff and absorb a bit of what is read into my life. I hope!

Dated 3 September 2013

1) Stanley Kubrik’s French toast: it is not only my breakfast, it is the film.

2) Coursera Super Course: Kazhudaikku yetha karpooram.

3) Thirukural of the day:

கொக்கொக்க கூம்பும் பருவத்து மற்றதன்

குத்தொக்க சீர்த்த இடத்து

4) Bill Waterson’s peach of advice: “And I think, you’ll happier for the trouble”

5) One of my favorite persons ever Tyler Cowen gives this interesting stat in a superb blog that needs to be internalized by everyone who hopes to have a job 5 years down the lane.

“It’s already the case that the best students from India are at the top in many Coursera classes, putting America’s arguably less motivated bright young people to shame.”

Also, this nail on the head: “There will be a lot more wealth in this brave new world, but it won’t be very evenly distributed because a lot of human labor won’t seem like a special or scarce resource.”


May 21, 2010

Cherishing Movies

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Breaking the long break. 🙂

Among many, couple of things I have never been able decipher in this complex world are about movies

1) How could any human even contemplate to think about planning to watch Vijay Movies?

2) How on earth people come up with some of the awesomest movies? Fuckers. (Am already depressed. Contemplating suicide. No. Dont. Suggest. Sura.)

But since I watch quite a few movies, I wanted to write about them. But there was no way I could review movies. I try my level best to watch the movie only after reading reviews. I took a risk with Paiya and came out heavily injured. So no point in writing reviews when half the world has already seen the movie.

So instead of reviews, I intend to write short notes(5 mark q) on movies I cherish and am sure many of you do. The point is to try and bring smile in the readers’ faces.

P.S: Please let the comments on the future cherries flowing.

January 26, 2010

Excerpts from Presidential Address By TR.

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Today morning, I received a message from parallel universe named jinakkujikka, where TR has assumed the post of president of India and has delivered a stunning speech on Republic Day Anniversary. But due to transmission issues only excerpts were obtained. I have reproduced the same. Will reproduce as and when I get the remaining portions.

Note 1 : Add the below portion after every para for special effects.
Yei Dandanakka, Danakkunakka,
Janankkujikka, Jinakkujikka,
Nakka-Mukka, Yei Dikka Dinka Dikka…

India gave the world rama, nama and kama,
but is currently nearing a grave coma,
and is awaiting it’s own obama.

sallu and sanju are out on bail,
roaming freely outside jail,
that shows our justice system is all fricking fail.

we need a change in law,
it should become transparent like Shakila,
urmila, pramila,

viewers and players of sports like hockey,
are treated akin donkey,
but with solutions that are turnkey,
these sports could become funky.

India as a nation,
should convert its frustration to determination,
work with passion,
and march towards its destination.

Note of Thanks: TR is an inspiration who has provided the Tamils an escape route to all the PJs. But I guess we have earned it by withstanding the torture, which we pass on with posts like this 🙂

Note 2: Can you think of something better(worser) than these? Express yourself as comments please… Lets see who rules.

January 24, 2010

Commentarippu -1

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Alert 1: In parts of the post, the tone may be that of an expert. But that’s just to get the point across. This post is just a dumbo’s view. For that matter, any post.

Rakhi commenting about  Aishwarya’s features?  Or worse me commenting on Shakespeare? But, Sanjay Manjarekar talking about sliding on the field?

Yes pals. This post is about cricket commentary these days. Lets start with a background.

Cricket as a sport has not undergone violent changes for most of it’s history. It was played in whites, by gentlemen; atleast you had to act like one. Unlike our Bhajji who always behaves like someone with a dysentery after winning a molaga bhajji eating competition against Sreeshant, who in turn cries because he lost it(Yes its difficult to pun his name for his acts!). This until Kerry Packer. It could be said that the gentlemanly nature of the game began taking a beating when he started the World Series. Till then it was a leisure sport which made money. Post this, it became a sport making money out of viewer’s leisure. And money does it make!!

In a way this turned out to be good for the sport as such. It has driven more innovations in telecasting, advertising etc. More people than ever have taken interest to the game. The game has become much more interesting. Yes, there will be purists crying that its no more exciting. But no. Not in my opinion atleast. I think the tense-match situations have racketed  up more than anytime before. Last heard this topped the list of causes of Hernia according to a scientific study by TOI(let). Is there anyone who watched RR lift the trophy in IPL after a nail biting match, who dint enjoy that match? To add to that, everyone agrees that one-dayers played a key role in test cricket being much more exciting in 2000s than 1990s. So all is well.

But against expectations, this commercialization has nt done any good to the art of commentary. This is the real irony. Ideally the drive towards professionalism should have benefited it. But that’s like expecting capitalism to do good for environment. Okay that was a lift-off from somewhere. I don’t have an iota of how it works. But to say the truth, people who run the game, read Lalit Modi, dont give a damn to this art anymore. It’s no more a feature that brings people to the television for him. He relies on cinestars and benign pitches where even umm…. No, I am not calling out Boycott’s grandma. I always knew she can hit sixes…umm… yeah even Boycott can take a single.

So commentary is treated as something that has to be there. Given an option Lalit would put the audio advertisements in it’s place. Remember Old-Time Radio ads. “Anjaal Aluppu Marundu”… just when Sachin is struggling with cramps. Or “Saravana Selvarathinam Thangam matrum Javuli Maligai” when Sreesanth’s jewelery is shown, mind you.. it will be shown.

But such days are far… i mean atleast till IPL-3 starts. Today the condition is no better. Everyone cringes when DLFfer is pouted by some whacko commentator. I guess many, like me, prefer muting TV and switch on the laptop for songs. And yeah my mother too yells about me wasting electricity.

And the worst part for me is the guys who do the commentary. As noticed in Cricinfo, off late, the BCCI has it’s own commentators and not of the telecaster. This in short means, it has bought all the commentators. Those who dont want to fall in line are just shown the door. Read Sidhu. I guess many are repulsed by Sidhu’s commentary. But as the old saying goes You hate him or love him… but you cant ignore him.  But L.Sivaramakrishnan. You just ignore him any day.

As for Ravi Shastri, kaadhu pulichu pochu… thenja tape….(Tamil synonyms for Cliche) etc. etc. He seriously needs to take a vacation. I know he treats every tour as a vacation ;). So yeah, we need a vacation from him.

Only person I dont want/deserve to comment on is Gavaskar. For all his Aussie bad-bad comments, he atleast makes cricketing sense. Its a pleasure when he gives his inputs of the game. And yeah. that bat-sliding lecture always sounds cool to me. Dravid being the latest causality.

But Sanjay Manjarekar.. Dude. Please… You have no moral authority or right to talk about Sachin not being aggressive enough or Indian fielders like Raina sliding too often…. I never curse anyone… so… Polachu Po.

January 22, 2010

education aka echakation Part-1

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Call it 3 idiots effect. But, like any sane person would do, i see multiple flaws in our echaketta system. I intend to register them here in series. Let me begin with this recent ROFL story that may scare you off if you intend to ever have kids in future.. This is the summary of most problems in the system

A dost of mine has a 3-yr. old kid. He wants to join her in a prestigious school in Bangalore. Okay. Thats a sign of a proud father. He goes and fills up the application that costs just Rs. 7000.  Ada paavigala, the cost of  a new printer to print 7000 pages will cost less than Rs. 7000. To give a ondra ana xerox application these buggers charge Rs. 7000. Day light robbery I say. Our helpless dost buys them and obediently submits them. Now he gets to know his kid is a few months short to be qualified to get into pre-kg. Seriously, I never knew that a  pre-KG admission was done in the mode of Army selection. But this is just a trailor. The dost has nt lost his sanity yet. Picture abhee baaki hei.

The dost’s father-in-law is an influential man and has connections. No I am not talking about him using his connections to help me out of a rape or murder case. I am talking about him using his connections to get a pre-KG seat. Damnit. Okay. What big a connection you say. Ex-PM I say. Ex-PM for pre-KG. The story is funny but I already feel blood tears from your eyes. But hold your breath.

Our Ex-PM’s recommendation was taken to the school. And the best part of the story is, the school owner rejected it off-hand. It seems he believes that true merit starts with a lottery system. Guess he wants lucky children. (I beg to differ. Are nt they unlucky?) He intends to throw all the applications received in the air and select the applications that he catches, for the next round. Reminds me of a Ramesh Khanna-Karthik comedy. The children selected in application screening are interviewed. Then their parents. And if 2 children are tied for a spot after all this, the Parent’s Salary is the tie-breaker.

I understand, that part of you wants to ROFL but part of you wants to commit suicide. Let your sperms decide that… 😛

January 20, 2010

Racki et. al.

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i fear only god… and dogs. What with dog population competing with humans in bangalore, life is proving very difficult. I feel like a deer in a jungle full of tigers. Okay. That’s taking it too far. But point made.

I have nt been bitten by a dog till date. Touchwood. But have had many a mental trauma coz of them. Friends in US fear of getting mugged. We are bugged by these creatures. You got to have guts for venturing to a friends place in any corner of the city beyond 11 pm. For me, it’s tricky to even visit my own house beyond midnight. These dogs especially seem to have a liking to Bikes. I have tried everything. Go fast, they chase faster. Go slow, they bark louder. They just reuse the energy and achieve their lives’ goal of sending you crazy. I bet the number of bike accidents here is more due to dogs than beautiful girls in town. Thats a sad commentary on any city, aint it?

All said, dogs seem to have a special affinity towards me. Dogs and me go a long way back.

That dog racki(yea he mildly resembled our silicon rakhi )… he hated me… i hated him.  For that matter any dog. Its always been a hate-hate relationship. I have a strange feeling that i must ve been a dog killing maniac or a dog escaping cat in the previous Jenma, that has induced an eternal hate for me in their genes.

Coming back to racki.

Where: chennai. When: my second std. i was living a blissful life. the neighbors were a wonderful lot. The elder sis. there was very fond of me; she used to give me Russian chocolates, introduced me to micheal jackson’s moonwalk videos etc. Basically it was just another home for me. It was in 3rd standard when this racki came into my life. He was brought to be a part of our neighbor’s family. Dunno what he saw in me… he started shouting; i started screaming. i was robbed of a home :(.. i had to double-check 5 times(2×5=10 :P) if Racki is tied to even think about going to their home. Everyone including my family and sis & her family thought it was a temporary phenomena. But the theorem was proved wrong. The dog turned out to be more friendly with everyone in my family-parents and brother. The bitterness he had for me never lessened. It continued to last for over a year.

One fine Sunday, i was playing outside(dunno what) and my family was around too. The sis and her brothers came out for a walk. With that monster.  In the last ditch effort to socialize that dog with me, the sis let the chains free… and that bloody dog just came after me ferociously. I went helter-skelter like a child who is force-fed bitter guard.  I escaped dog and entered my home. Unluckily my bro was just outside the open door. The dog’s junglee behavior frightened him too. Just as my brother was running in, I latched the door. The dog took its vengeance on him. Poor him. Was taken to a doc for a Tetanus. I felt and still feel bad for him. I could have waited a sec. more for him to come in. Every Second Matters.

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