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January 24, 2010

Commentarippu -1

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Alert 1: In parts of the post, the tone may be that of an expert. But that’s just to get the point across. This post is just a dumbo’s view. For that matter, any post.

Rakhi commenting about  Aishwarya’s features?  Or worse me commenting on Shakespeare? But, Sanjay Manjarekar talking about sliding on the field?

Yes pals. This post is about cricket commentary these days. Lets start with a background.

Cricket as a sport has not undergone violent changes for most of it’s history. It was played in whites, by gentlemen; atleast you had to act like one. Unlike our Bhajji who always behaves like someone with a dysentery after winning a molaga bhajji eating competition against Sreeshant, who in turn cries because he lost it(Yes its difficult to pun his name for his acts!). This until Kerry Packer. It could be said that the gentlemanly nature of the game began taking a beating when he started the World Series. Till then it was a leisure sport which made money. Post this, it became a sport making money out of viewer’s leisure. And money does it make!!

In a way this turned out to be good for the sport as such. It has driven more innovations in telecasting, advertising etc. More people than ever have taken interest to the game. The game has become much more interesting. Yes, there will be purists crying that its no more exciting. But no. Not in my opinion atleast. I think the tense-match situations have racketed  up more than anytime before. Last heard this topped the list of causes of Hernia according to a scientific study by TOI(let). Is there anyone who watched RR lift the trophy in IPL after a nail biting match, who dint enjoy that match? To add to that, everyone agrees that one-dayers played a key role in test cricket being much more exciting in 2000s than 1990s. So all is well.

But against expectations, this commercialization has nt done any good to the art of commentary. This is the real irony. Ideally the drive towards professionalism should have benefited it. But that’s like expecting capitalism to do good for environment. Okay that was a lift-off from somewhere. I don’t have an iota of how it works. But to say the truth, people who run the game, read Lalit Modi, dont give a damn to this art anymore. It’s no more a feature that brings people to the television for him. He relies on cinestars and benign pitches where even umm…. No, I am not calling out Boycott’s grandma. I always knew she can hit sixes…umm… yeah even Boycott can take a single.

So commentary is treated as something that has to be there. Given an option Lalit would put the audio advertisements in it’s place. Remember Old-Time Radio ads. “Anjaal Aluppu Marundu”… just when Sachin is struggling with cramps. Or “Saravana Selvarathinam Thangam matrum Javuli Maligai” when Sreesanth’s jewelery is shown, mind you.. it will be shown.

But such days are far… i mean atleast till IPL-3 starts. Today the condition is no better. Everyone cringes when DLFfer is pouted by some whacko commentator. I guess many, like me, prefer muting TV and switch on the laptop for songs. And yeah my mother too yells about me wasting electricity.

And the worst part for me is the guys who do the commentary. As noticed in Cricinfo, off late, the BCCI has it’s own commentators and not of the telecaster. This in short means, it has bought all the commentators. Those who dont want to fall in line are just shown the door. Read Sidhu. I guess many are repulsed by Sidhu’s commentary. But as the old saying goes You hate him or love him… but you cant ignore him.  But L.Sivaramakrishnan. You just ignore him any day.

As for Ravi Shastri, kaadhu pulichu pochu… thenja tape….(Tamil synonyms for Cliche) etc. etc. He seriously needs to take a vacation. I know he treats every tour as a vacation ;). So yeah, we need a vacation from him.

Only person I dont want/deserve to comment on is Gavaskar. For all his Aussie bad-bad comments, he atleast makes cricketing sense. Its a pleasure when he gives his inputs of the game. And yeah. that bat-sliding lecture always sounds cool to me. Dravid being the latest causality.

But Sanjay Manjarekar.. Dude. Please… You have no moral authority or right to talk about Sachin not being aggressive enough or Indian fielders like Raina sliding too often…. I never curse anyone… so… Polachu Po.


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  1. Wow Ravi !! .. u seem to be on a blogging spree 🙂 … anyway .. nice one .. a good take on the present day cricket commentary. .. but plz do give translations to the tamil sentences … wuld help in enjoying the joke 🙂

    Comment by Sanjeev — January 24, 2010 @ 5:45 pm | Reply

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