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September 11, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – 5

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1) Delusional and Very very busy. I wish I can start everyday after reading this.

“I once knew a woman who interned at a magazine where she wasn’t allowed to take lunch hours out, lest she be urgently needed for some reason. This was an entertainment magazine whose raison d’être was obviated when “menu” buttons appeared on remotes, so it’s hard to see this pretense of indispensability as anything other than a form of institutional self-delusion.”

2) And this image to go with it.

3) Good old travelling salesmen problem, with real twists.

“the focal point of a larger debate on the nature of complexity and possible limits to human knowledge.”

4) Beautiful read on how to save in a balanced manner in life. My father is still afraid of spending a lot of money, while I do not really keep track of how much I spend.

5) How to stay clean in the face of rampant corruption? Something for every Indian who wants to live clean in a chaotic society.

“A number of riders, including some of the most promising talent the U.S. had to offer, chose not to dope when they very easily could have. They didn’t all make it to the very top of the international peloton. In fact, none of them did. But they did have their successes, and they rode clean—an antidote to the no-choice narrative.”


September 7, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – 4

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1) Love, Knowledge and Empathy. That’s not too bad a way to live. I envy you sir!

2) Healthy eating in stealth mode! Someone should come with an appropriate map of food in fridge based on this idea. “What if the company kept the chocolates hidden in opaque containers but prominently displayed dried figs, pistachios and other healthful snacks in glass jars?”

3) How to be a morning person ? Go camping.  Or you could travel to the other side of the world and come back with a jetlag!

4) Quote of the day :

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

5) Biomathics: It is always exciting when economists conduct experiments to understand stuff we are perplexed on a day to day basis. What sort of person are you ? Who gobbles up more knowing the bill will be split ? Or does it not affect your orders at all ?

September 6, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – 3

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1) App discovery of the day: Field Trip, which gives the history of exciting places around your location.  And it makes perfect sense for google glass.

2) Netflix clone. Except this is for books. One should alternate one month on netflix and a month on this.

3) Mahishasura Mardini is perfect material for rock. Wonder what the grannies would say if they listen to this version.

4) Next time I gift a kiddo, this would be it. There should be a kit for every device that excites kids.

5) Jared Diamond’s next book is out and below is one of the harsher reviews.

September 5, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – 2

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1) Gazal of the day. Awesome way to live one’s life – Relaxed and Charming.

2) Pavitra: A gem of a short story. I hope to translate these in English.

3) What’s up with the war in Sri Lanka ? Wasn’t it just terrorism ? Many of us tamilians know nothing about the problems in a country that is ethnically closer to us, than say Mumbai. This is a pretty balanced piece on it and admonishes the film makers for an irresponsible take on a sensitive issue.

4) Business Idea of the day: I always had this idea in my mind. How difficult would it be to make farmlands out of all rooftops in a city like Chennai?


September 4, 2013

படித்ததில் பிடித்தது – Edition 1

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I know that blogging is dead and all that.

All readings are not useless/wrong. But reading all there is, is definitely wrong. I start this as a process to study how wasteful my time is spent going thro’ links on twitter/feedly and see if I can refine the process! Also, instead of just consuming everything like fiber and letting it go, this should help in thinking about the important stuff and absorb a bit of what is read into my life. I hope!

Dated 3 September 2013

1) Stanley Kubrik’s French toast: it is not only my breakfast, it is the film.

2) Coursera Super Course: Kazhudaikku yetha karpooram.

3) Thirukural of the day:

கொக்கொக்க கூம்பும் பருவத்து மற்றதன்

குத்தொக்க சீர்த்த இடத்து

4) Bill Waterson’s peach of advice: “And I think, you’ll happier for the trouble”

5) One of my favorite persons ever Tyler Cowen gives this interesting stat in a superb blog that needs to be internalized by everyone who hopes to have a job 5 years down the lane.

“It’s already the case that the best students from India are at the top in many Coursera classes, putting America’s arguably less motivated bright young people to shame.”

Also, this nail on the head: “There will be a lot more wealth in this brave new world, but it won’t be very evenly distributed because a lot of human labor won’t seem like a special or scarce resource.”


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