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January 22, 2010

education aka echakation Part-1

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Call it 3 idiots effect. But, like any sane person would do, i see multiple flaws in our echaketta system. I intend to register them here in series. Let me begin with this recent ROFL story that may scare you off if you intend to ever have kids in future.. This is the summary of most problems in the system

A dost of mine has a 3-yr. old kid. He wants to join her in a prestigious school in Bangalore. Okay. Thats a sign of a proud father. He goes and fills up the application that costs just Rs. 7000.  Ada paavigala, the cost of  a new printer to print 7000 pages will cost less than Rs. 7000. To give a ondra ana xerox application these buggers charge Rs. 7000. Day light robbery I say. Our helpless dost buys them and obediently submits them. Now he gets to know his kid is a few months short to be qualified to get into pre-kg. Seriously, I never knew that a  pre-KG admission was done in the mode of Army selection. But this is just a trailor. The dost has nt lost his sanity yet. Picture abhee baaki hei.

The dost’s father-in-law is an influential man and has connections. No I am not talking about him using his connections to help me out of a rape or murder case. I am talking about him using his connections to get a pre-KG seat. Damnit. Okay. What big a connection you say. Ex-PM I say. Ex-PM for pre-KG. The story is funny but I already feel blood tears from your eyes. But hold your breath.

Our Ex-PM’s recommendation was taken to the school. And the best part of the story is, the school owner rejected it off-hand. It seems he believes that true merit starts with a lottery system. Guess he wants lucky children. (I beg to differ. Are nt they unlucky?) He intends to throw all the applications received in the air and select the applications that he catches, for the next round. Reminds me of a Ramesh Khanna-Karthik comedy. The children selected in application screening are interviewed. Then their parents. And if 2 children are tied for a spot after all this, the Parent’s Salary is the tie-breaker.

I understand, that part of you wants to ROFL but part of you wants to commit suicide. Let your sperms decide that… 😛


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