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May 21, 2010

Cherishing Movies

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Breaking the long break. ­čÖé

Among many, couple of things I have never been able decipher in this complex world are about movies

1) How could any human even contemplate to think about planning to watch Vijay Movies?

2) How on earth people come up with some of the awesomest movies? Fuckers. (Am already depressed. Contemplating suicide. No. Dont. Suggest. Sura.)

But since I watch quite a few movies, I wanted to write about them. But there was no way I could review movies. I try my level best to watch the movie only after reading reviews. I took a risk with Paiya and came out heavily injured. So no point in writing reviews when half the world has already seen the movie.

So instead of reviews, I intend to write short notes(5 mark q) on movies I cherish and am sure many of you do. The point is to try and bring smile in the readers’ faces.

P.S: Please let the comments on the future cherries flowing.


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