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January 26, 2010

Excerpts from Presidential Address By TR.

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Today morning, I received a message from parallel universe named jinakkujikka, where TR has assumed the post of president of India and has delivered a stunning speech on Republic Day Anniversary. But due to transmission issues only excerpts were obtained. I have reproduced the same. Will reproduce as and when I get the remaining portions.

Note 1 : Add the below portion after every para for special effects.
Yei Dandanakka, Danakkunakka,
Janankkujikka, Jinakkujikka,
Nakka-Mukka, Yei Dikka Dinka Dikka…

India gave the world rama, nama and kama,
but is currently nearing a grave coma,
and is awaiting it’s own obama.

sallu and sanju are out on bail,
roaming freely outside jail,
that shows our justice system is all fricking fail.

we need a change in law,
it should become transparent like Shakila,
urmila, pramila,

viewers and players of sports like hockey,
are treated akin donkey,
but with solutions that are turnkey,
these sports could become funky.

India as a nation,
should convert its frustration to determination,
work with passion,
and march towards its destination.

Note of Thanks: TR is an inspiration who has provided the Tamils an escape route to all the PJs. But I guess we have earned it by withstanding the torture, which we pass on with posts like this 🙂

Note 2: Can you think of something better(worser) than these? Express yourself as comments please… Lets see who rules.


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