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January 19, 2010

Level Set.

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Setting expectations.
1) I am an idiot.. i always knew that.. Post ‘3 idiots’ it seems to ve a diff. meaning. so i can say it loud guessing that u ll misunderstand.. thanks
so you can expect idiotic posts.. again please misunderstand.
2) i am a busy man though or because i get up at 9 o clk and go to office at 10 and work in an unorganized fashion till 6 or 7 and while away the rest as a veggie. some as a vegetarian and others as a vegetable.
So dont expect me to be politically or factually cent percent correct. i live in an independent country.
3) i am a thorough gentleman. i dont intend to hurt any gentle minds. so i dont intend to talk abt saints like vattal nagaraj, alagiri, alagiri’s son, karunanidhi, karunanidhi’s yet to be born “any relations”. it might end up hurting some’one’.

4) i dont read veraciously, i dont know western music, i dont know carnatic music. no abc on any of the above. i know lots of cricket, bits of football, tennis, lots of tamil and hindi movies, bits of english movies, bits of classic books, bits of history, psychology, etc.

5) i am not a manager. so u can expect the posts to be free of all that mumbo-jumbo of a peter manager. i tend to be funny when i am on a marana mokka roll. I also tend to have a different  and independent line of thought on many issues mostly due to a secular and jolly upbringing (See am a good son and also not a manager. i give credit where its due).

6) i love debating on things. i tend to take opp. view of myself to see how far i can defend that. thats both funny and gives a diff. perspective. so roll on. debate with me please.

Finally, please put up with me for sometime. atleast till my posts get better or till i leave 🙂 u are always welcome to encourage me. or better. RIP ME apart.

Dont wait.. keep ur comments coming.


Hello world!

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“hello world!”.. any programmer will cringe at that wont he? a request to wordpress – please remove this as default

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