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January 20, 2010

Racki et. al.

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i fear only god… and dogs. What with dog population competing with humans in bangalore, life is proving very difficult. I feel like a deer in a jungle full of tigers. Okay. That’s taking it too far. But point made.

I have nt been bitten by a dog till date. Touchwood. But have had many a mental trauma coz of them. Friends in US fear of getting mugged. We are bugged by these creatures. You got to have guts for venturing to a friends place in any corner of the city beyond 11 pm. For me, it’s tricky to even visit my own house beyond midnight. These dogs especially seem to have a liking to Bikes. I have tried everything. Go fast, they chase faster. Go slow, they bark louder. They just reuse the energy and achieve their lives’ goal of sending you crazy. I bet the number of bike accidents here is more due to dogs than beautiful girls in town. Thats a sad commentary on any city, aint it?

All said, dogs seem to have a special affinity towards me. Dogs and me go a long way back.

That dog racki(yea he mildly resembled our silicon rakhi )… he hated me… i hated him.  For that matter any dog. Its always been a hate-hate relationship. I have a strange feeling that i must ve been a dog killing maniac or a dog escaping cat in the previous Jenma, that has induced an eternal hate for me in their genes.

Coming back to racki.

Where: chennai. When: my second std. i was living a blissful life. the neighbors were a wonderful lot. The elder sis. there was very fond of me; she used to give me Russian chocolates, introduced me to micheal jackson’s moonwalk videos etc. Basically it was just another home for me. It was in 3rd standard when this racki came into my life. He was brought to be a part of our neighbor’s family. Dunno what he saw in me… he started shouting; i started screaming. i was robbed of a home :(.. i had to double-check 5 times(2×5=10 :P) if Racki is tied to even think about going to their home. Everyone including my family and sis & her family thought it was a temporary phenomena. But the theorem was proved wrong. The dog turned out to be more friendly with everyone in my family-parents and brother. The bitterness he had for me never lessened. It continued to last for over a year.

One fine Sunday, i was playing outside(dunno what) and my family was around too. The sis and her brothers came out for a walk. With that monster.  In the last ditch effort to socialize that dog with me, the sis let the chains free… and that bloody dog just came after me ferociously. I went helter-skelter like a child who is force-fed bitter guard.  I escaped dog and entered my home. Unluckily my bro was just outside the open door. The dog’s junglee behavior frightened him too. Just as my brother was running in, I latched the door. The dog took its vengeance on him. Poor him. Was taken to a doc for a Tetanus. I felt and still feel bad for him. I could have waited a sec. more for him to come in. Every Second Matters.


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